The Traveling Dress - Rockville, Maryland

This spring my daughter, Nolin, & I had the honor of joining some talented photographer friends & their daughters in The Traveling Dress Collective. This is a project where you buy one dress & each spend a week with it taking photographs. You are not to share any photos with the group until after everyone has finished, so the anticipation is real!

The dress arrived in here in Maryland mid-February & I was so excited to see it in person. It was gorgeous & I knew my daughter would love wearing it. However, living in the northeast, I was worried about getting her outside to shoot at this time of the year.

Lucky for us, the day of our session, it was beautiful outside! The temperature was unseasonably warm. The sun was out & shining. Thank goodness Mother Nature cooperated!

I decided to take my daughter to one of my favorite outdoor locations in this area. We spent the afternoon exploring. My daughter absolutely loved twirling in such a beautiful, twirly dress. She twirled her way around as we explored & would have continued into the night if I had let her. Although she would have been thrilled to keep the dress, she was so happy to pass it on to the next person, after I told her a little bit about the little girl, of course. We had a fabulous time!

10 Photographers. 10 Daughters. 10 Cities. 1 Dress.

I’m thrilled to announce that our project was chosen for publication by The Traveling Dress Collective! Click below to travel the dress’s journey into the hands of me and my nine friends, and see each of our interpretations of the dress.